Welcome to Shiloh, Alabama

Nestled in the northeast corner of DeKalb County Alabama, the Town of Shiloh is located on Hwy 75.

Town Council

Volunteer Fire

Community Events

In 1962 several citizens of the Community of Shiloh decided to incorporate the town. Lawyer Clyde Traylor was the legal advisor, and the first meeting was held in the home of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Harper on August 4, 1962. The first mayor was E.L. Harper who served for four years. During that time an old truck was bought and rigged for a fire truck. Mr. H.M. Pullon was the main driver. Mr. Lewis Langley was the oldest member of the town at the time and said he didn’t know how Shiloh got its name. The town had about 300 members at the time and was funded by a gas tax.

The original councilmen were Harry Norrell, Sherman Light, Walter F. Stowe, W.C. Harper, H.M. Pullen, Buster Coffee, Claude Parker, Bernard Morton, Bill Green, J.L. Tumlin Sr, J.L. Tumlin Jr, J.E. Myrick, J.B. Derrick, Rayburn Petty and Winford Chitwood. Tommie Harper served as the original town clerk.

Storm Shelter

Shiloh Storm Shelter

Rules for Use

The tornado shelter is located directly behind Town Hall and will be open if a Tornado Watch is issued for our area.

  • NO pets*
  • NO weapons of any kind
  • NO alcohol/illegal drugs
  • NO smoking in shelters
  • NO profanity

Only one small bag will be allowed by each occupant. Each person in shelter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that shouldn’t interfere or cause problems for other occupants.
*Only service animals for the disabled allowed in shelter. No household pets allowed in shelter for reasons of safety and liability.